25 police reports at Frederick Hopkins' home date back to 2009

    Frederick Hopkins in court for a preliminary bond hear, Oct. 31, 2018. (Credit: Tonya Brown/WPDE)

    ABC 15 News has obtained 25 police reports, through the Freedom of Information Act, from incidents at the home Frederick Hopkins, Jr. that date back to 2009.

    Hopkins is charged with two counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder of police officers and deputies back on October 3 at his home at 932 Ashton Drive in the Vintage Place subdivision of Florence.

    Deputies went to Hopkins' home to serve a search warrant when they were ambushed and shot.

    Florence Police Sgt. Terrence Carraway was killed on scene. Florence County Investigator Farrah Turner died on October 22.

    The incident reports include crimes by Hopkins' children alleging theft, fraud and assault.

    A report dated September 26, 2018 says a woman said a 12-year-old was being sexually assaulted at the home by Seth Hopkins, 28. The report states that the woman says "she had the same problem in the past with Seth."

    The report says the deputy who took the report contacted Investigator Farrah Turner with the Florence County Sheriff's Office's Criminal Sexual Conduct Unit. The deputy in the report said, "Turner advised that she was en route to the location we were located at."

    It said Turner and an employee with the S.C. Department of Social Services (DSS) responded to the scene allowing the reporting officer to clear the scene.

    Turner would return to the home on October 3 and that's when she and six other officers were shot. Deputies charged Seth Hopkins the following day with criminal sexual conduct of a minor.

    The police reports from 2009-2018 are for incidents at the home of Frederick Hopkins, Jr. and his wife, Cheryl Turner Hopkins.

    Some of the incidents include burglary, sexual assault, assault and battery, petty larceny, breach of trust, malicious injury, missing persons and runaway children.

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    An incident report dated October 3, 2013 alleges Frederick Hopkins assaulted a Florence County employee who was investigating a reported violation of a county ordinance at Hopkins' home.

    The report says , "Hopkins became angry and hostile."

    It says he grabbed the man, flipped him over onto his back and jerked his camera off of his wrist which broke the strap. It says Hopkins then "handed the camera to his son, Seth Hopkins, and Hopkins ordered him to take the camera inside and delete the pictures off of the camera. It says Hopkins then gave him the camera back after deleting the pictures.

    Hopkins was arrested for assault and battery third degree.

    Many of the alleged crimes reported at the home involved the Hopkins' adult and juvenile children.

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    A December 5, 2013 incident reports say the Hopkins' 18-year-old son, Kyle Hopkins, assaulted three family members. The report says Kyle stated that "he would come back and kill the whole family."

    On May 5, 2013, deputies went to the home to respond to allegations of malicious injury and trespassing. It says Kyle stated that he had some items at the house he needed to retrieve, but Frederick Hopkins wouldn't let him get the items, even though his mother told him he could get the items from the home.

    According to the police report, Kyle stated "when he tried to go inside the residence, Mr. Hopkins told him he would shoot him if he came into the residence." The report says Kyle stated that made him "angry and he began to break the windows and glass doors at the residence."

    Kyle was arrested and taken to the Florence County Detention Center.

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    An incident report for an incorrigible child dated January 11, 2018 says the couple's 14-year-old son "steals money and other valuables from them , hardly ever attends school and that he's constantly running away from home and stays gone for several days at a time. "

    There are a few incidents of burglaries at the Hopkins' home.

    30 guns were reported missing from the home in April of 2010, according to an incident report.

    Another five guns were reported to be stolen from the home, five years later on March 11, 2015, according to a police report. The case was turned over to an investigator.

    The home is now all boarded up and appears that no one is living there.

    Both Seth and Frederick Hopkins, Jr. remain behind bars without bond awaiting their trials.

    ABC15 News will continue to keep you covered with any new developments in this investigation.

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