Jefferson Award Winners: Michelle Snoberger and Chris Koppel, Homeless Outreach

    Jefferson Award Winners: Michelle Snoberger and Chris Koppel, Homeless Outreach

    "I love the fact that somebody gets recognition who's not looking for it," said Christ United Church Pastor Jeff Dunn.

    We jointly gave the Jefferson Award to Michelle Snoberger and Chris Koppel at a church meeting and Dunn was in on the surprise.

    "We have a great joy and privilege of recognizing two of our own," said Dunn.

    "These are two women that really represent what I believe a Christ follower really is," said Pastor Dunn.

    "It's a blessing for me to be able to give," said Michelle Snoberger.

    Michelle and Chris started a homeless outreach ministry in Myrtle Beach two years ago, passing out food and clothes along the boardwalk.

    "And then it kind of snowballed into now we have five different churches involved and we each take a saturday to feed and host them because the soup kitchen's not open on the weekends," said Snoberger.

    Now they help as many as 100 people any given Saturday, with several volunteers, like the Coastal soccer team.

    For Chris, it is a calling that began years ago when her family helped a homeless man known as 'Mister Lonely.'

    "And he reached into his bag, when my kids were little, and pulled out toys that he had collected in happy meals and things that people gave him and gave them to my kids. And that impacted me so deeply, oh my gosh, so deeply that he would give what little he had," said Koppel.

    It has been her mission to help ever since.

    "It just feels good to feed them and to clothe them. And they feel loved when they come here. And that's the difference. They don't come here because we pitied them. They come in and they feel loved. And that's what we want them to feel," said Koppel.

    That is why Michelle and Chris are this month's Jefferson Award winners.

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