Jefferson Award Winner: Sue Wurm, Coastal Animal Rescue


    Making a difference is what Jefferson Award winners are all about.

    The Jefferson Award is given to people across the country for their outstanding dedication to public service.

    ABC15 had the privilege of presenting the award to Sue Wurm.

    Wurm has dedicated her time to keeping the Coastal Animal Rescue in Murrells Inlet up and running for the past eight years.

    In any given week, she helps to care for more than 150 animals.

    Paula Syms nominated Wurm for the award because Wurm's work extends beyond the shelter walls.

    "She takes them home. She takes care of them. She puts them on heating pads. She bottle feeds. She rescues. She just does everything!" Syms said.

    Syms said it is because of Wurm that many animals are off the streets and countless others have been spayed and neutered.

    "She volunteers six days a week," Syms said. "You're probably talking 60 hours a week this lady volunteers."

    Wurm said she does it because she simply loves animals.

    "Oh, I love animals. They're just precious and they need people. They give you so much love," she said.

    Syms said the shelter wouldn't be the same with Wurm--it might not even exist.

    "Oh, we couldn't run without Sue," Syms said.

    To nominate someone you know for a Jefferson Award, click here.

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