Jefferson Award Winner: Sally Russell, Smith Medical Clinic

    Sally Russell, who volunteers as a triage nurse at the Smith Medical Clinic in Pawleys Island and is the latest Jefferson Award Winner. (Matt Barbour/WPDE)

    Making a difference is what Jefferson Award winners are all about.

    The Jefferson Award is given to people across the country for their outstanding dedication to public service.

    ABC 15 News, Elliot Realty, and NBSC present our latest winner, Sally Russell.

    "When the call comes, she doesn't run away from it, she runs for it," says Bob Sanders, who nominated Russell.

    For the past 10 years, Sally Russell has volunteered her time as a triage nurse at the Smith Medical Clinic in Pawleys Island.

    The center provides free care to 2,000 people every year.

    "She's mad at me for nominating her. But if anybody is deserving, she certainly is deserving," said Sanders.

    Bob Sanders says his girlfriend, Sally, is the most selfless person he knows.

    "I'm a lucky man because she cares for other people," said Sanders.

    Russell helps patients get glasses through the Lions Club and spent 25 years volunteering with the American Red Cross, part of that time as a supervisor.

    She assisted victim's families at The Pentagon after 9/11 and helped in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

    "If I can give anything to anyone that is going through a disaster one moment, or one hour, or one day where they don't have to worry, that they know that someone is out there to help them, then that's my goal," said Russell.

    And in the midst of fighting for others, she is now fighting for herself.

    "Less than one percent of breast cancers is the type that she has," said Sanders.

    "They diagnosed me with breast cancer about four months ago. And that's just something I'll get through and getting through it, I'll still be helping others. There's no reason for me not to do that. As long as I can. And I guess if I needed help, they'd all be there. I know they would," said Russell.

    Never slowing down. Never giving up. Putting others first. That's why Sally Russell is our Jefferson Award Winner.

    "She's always been a hero to me," said Sanders.

    To nominate an outstanding volunteer in your community for the Jefferson Award, click here.

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