Jefferson Award Winner: Rick Baumann, dedicated to preserving Murrells Inlet

    Rick Baumann, of Murrells Inlet, is the January Jefferson Award winner. (Pic: WPDE)<p>{/p}

    "He's giving. He's loving. He's ethical," said Susan Bryant.

    Susan Bryant with the Pawleys Island Festival of Music and Art has worked closely with Rick Baumann over the years.

    "Any fundraiser, he's always there to raise his hand to help. And he does this always out of the goodness of his heart," said Bryant.

    She was more than happy to nominate Rick for the Jefferson Award.

    Baumann owns Murrells Inlet Seafood.

    But that is just his day job.

    "He loves the inlet. I can't tell you how much he loves Murrells Inlet," said Bryant.

    "Some people have one or two pet projects, and over the years I've accumulated a few more, that's all," said Baumann.

    His passion is preserving the inlet for future generations.

    Baumann has been a part of 'Ducks Unlimited' for decades, which is dedicated to preserving wetlands.

    "I would hate to see us lose our outdoor heritage in the inlet, our shellfish business, our fishing industry," said Baumann.

    "When he was the chairman of the Ducks Unlimited, they were like, number 22 in the United States of the chapters," said Bryant.

    A few years ago, he started a foundation called 'Trees for Tomorrow.'

    He gathers up indigenous trees for people to plant.

    "It's free, you just take those trees and plant them because he believes putting back into this area so much," said Bryant.

    "When you live in a community, it's the dues you pay through your prosperity or your enjoyment of the community to give back to it," said Baumann.

    To nominate someone in your community for the Jefferson Award, click here.

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