Jefferson Award Winner: Macie McMillan, backpacks for students

    Macie McMillian is our latest Jefferson Award winner for collecting backpacks filled with supplies for students at several Myrtle Beach schools.

    It is not uncommon to find 10-year-old Macie McMillan talking to a crowded room about her backpack collection program for several Myrtle Beach schools.

    "For a child, that young, to want a make a difference, that's what it should be about for all of us," said Macie's principal, Deb Colliver.

    We recruited Deb Colliver, Macie's principal at Myrtle Beach Intermediate, to surprise her with the Jefferson Award.

    "How cool that Macie is being recognized through the Jefferson Award for this outstanding idea that she had?" asked Colliver at a recent minister's breakfast.

    "The reason I started this program is because three kids in my class didn't have all the school supplies and the backpacks they need. And if they did, they had their school supplies in a little Wal-Mart bag" said Macie.

    That was in kindergarten.

    "I went to two rotary clubs last year and I spoke. And then I asked my friends and family. In the first year, I think I got seven? And then every other year since 2014, I've gotten over 100," said Macie.

    Now, she is on a yearly mission.

    "Though Macie may not see it every day, there are new children that enter our building. We try to level the playing field for them. And Macie has enabled that to happen by providing them with a bookbag that's cool, full of supplies, that they can walk down the hallway with pride with," said Colliver.

    "I think this year, I want to do 200," said Macie.

    "There could have been a lot of barriers that could have kept Macie from doing that. But it was, 'What can I do?' and she made it happen," said Colliver.

    That is why Macie McMillan is the Jefferson Award Winner this February.

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