Jefferson Award Winner: Josh Clardy feeds almost 200 state troopers

    Josh Clardy, Jefferson Award Winner. (Pic: WPDE)

    "It's not every day that they get recognized for everything they do," said Jamey Kirby.

    Jamey Kirby works for South Carolina Highway Patrol and helps with the South Carolina Trooper's Association, a non-profit.

    "We try to benefit troopers and their families with equipment, with training, anything that we can provide for them," explained Kirby.

    But she says the president and CEO of J.W. Clardy Construction helped troopers in one of the best ways, by simply filling up their stomachs!

    "That steak dinner was absolutely fabulous! And the troopers are still talking about it!"

    "We planned a steak dinner for all the state troopers for when they came into town," said Josh Clardy, with Clardy Construction.

    Josh Clardy is already a supporter of the Trooper's Association, but he wanted to send an extra big 'thank you' to all of the troopers who came from across the state to Myrtle Beach to help with the Memorial Day weekend Bikefest.

    "It was great! We had, I believe it was 190 state troopers show up," said Clardy.

    "That was the first time that that has ever been done," said Kirby.

    There were 190 steaks and 190 smiles!

    "Oh they loved it! They loved it! The've actually asked when it's going to happen again," said Kirby.

    "Every single person that was there was just blown away, appreciative, overly appreciative, of us taking our time do that for them," said Clardy.

    "It means everthing knowing that they have someone out in the community who really cares about them and what they do," said Kirby.

    "Law enforcement is near and dear, close to all of hearts, the level of dedication that these men and women have, they serve selflessly," said Clardy.

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