Jefferson Award Winner: Joan Perry, Conway Medical volunteer

    Jefferson Award Winner: Joan Perry, Conway Medical volunteer

    Joan Perry likes to stay busy.

    "And you say, 'Well how can she do all of that?' But you know, you set your mind to something, you go in and you learn what that organization does and what they're for," said Perry.

    When we caught up with her, she was helping out with an American Red Cross Blood drive.

    "Joan, she is one amazing lady," said Carol Biagini, the Director of Volunteer Services at Conway Medical Center.

    Carol Biagini will tell you Joan is one of the initial threads in the fabric of Conway Medical Center.

    Joan was instrumental in forming the Auxiliary Services Center in 1982, at one point she served for six years as president.

    "I just grew into that. And then all the sudden people said, 'Well, we need a president.' 'Ok. No big deal,'" Perry said at the time.

    The non-profit helps raise money to support a number of services that benefit the community.

    "She has worked tirelessly, all of her life, giving back to the community and the needs of others and she doesn't ask for anything in return," said Biagini.

    Funds raised through the center go to a smart snack program for Horry County students, to a bereavement program, scholarships and much more.

    Perry also helped open the gift shop at the hospital.

    "It's, I think, 24 years now, I've been here and 8,600 hours of volunteer time," said Perry.

    "It's just in her blood. She has done it for many years. All the way back to when she joined the Women's Army," said Biagini.

    "It makes me grow. If I'm ill, I say, 'Oh gosh, I wonder what they're doing? They probably need my help.' And I think it builds your health," said Perry.

    She hopes to inspire a new generation of volunteers.

    That is why Joan Perry is this month's Jefferson Award winner.

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