Jefferson Award Winner: Dick Timmerman, serving decades in parks and recreation

Dick Timmerman, who served 44 years in various park and recreation departments in Horry County, receives the Jefferson Award. (Photo: Matt Barbour)

If you have ever walked through Mclean Park in North Myrtle Beach, you are looking at the work of Richard 'Dick' Timmerman.

"I really think this is the prettiest park in Horry County," said Dick Timmerman.

Timmerman has dedicated his life to working in parks and recreation.

"Forty four of them. Forty four years," said Timmerman.

He started with Myrtle Beach in 1974 as athletic director, then spent the next 24 years as parks and recreation director for North Myrtle Beach.

"Once he retired, I think he stayed home about a week or so with my honey-do list," said Sharon Timmerman, with a laugh.

In 2004 he started working for Horry County as parks and rec supervisor, retiring two months ago.

His wife, Sharon, says his job went way beyond designing parks or building community centers.

"He's just always had a heart for kids. And making sure that kids were busy and had something positive to do," said she said.

"I guess I've always loved watching little children play ball and have fun," said Timmerman.

"I started right here on the playgrounds here in North Myrtle Beach, playing sports under his direction," said Rick Elliott, who nominated Mr. Timmerman.

Elliott knows firsthand the impact Timmerman has had on children's lives across the county.

"He wasn't sitting in a desk. He would always be there for the children and ask you how you're doing," said Elliott.

"I think that if you don't have them busy doing the right things they're going to get involved in the wrong things," said Timmerman.

"What better person could you give an award to, than Mr. Dick Timmerman?" asked Elliott.

Mr. Timmerman was 2007 Horry County Employee of the Year and received a Hero Award from Governor Jim Hodges in 2002.

Now, he can add a Jefferson Award to that list.

To nominate someone you know for a Jefferson Award, click here.

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