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Spring allergy season strikes South Carolina

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South Carolina has a fairly mild climate, which is great for living a beach lifestyle in our area, but bad for people who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Dr. Mark Schecker, an allergist in Myrtle Beach, said spring allergy season is the worst time of year for sufferers because there are actually two rounds of spring allergies that last well into the summer.

"We'll see pollens like oak tree, elm, maple, sycamore," Schecker said. That will last through April.

Dr. Schecker said the second half of allergy season comes after that, and that's where grass pollen will linger outdoors through June.

This spring, there's not a whole lot of relief in this area for people who have seasonal allergies- especially because of the rough winter weather we've seen.

"For the past few years where we've had a wet winter proceeding spring, we've had an active allergy season. I suspect that that's what we're going to see this year as well," Dr. Schecker said.

A common misconception about spring allergies has to do with this yellow pollen you find everywhere. According to Dr. Schecker, its things we can't even see that causes problems.

"The other pollens are invisible. They're microscopic and you can't see them and they float in the air," Dr. Schecker said.

Even those who've lived in the area for years aren't immune to the spring allergy spike.

"Allergies will develop based on the level of exposure that you have. So sometimes when you are in an area long enough that your body has had enough exposure of a particular allergen, that will start the allergy process," Dr. Schecker said.

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For those who don't suffer too badly, Dr. Schecker says O-T-C medications- especially antihistamines will help ease your symptoms. If your symptoms persist, seeing an allergist might be your best option.

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