Local improv company says free workshop helps with life

Improv session held at Myrtle Beach Mall. / Lindsey Theis

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - The latest job numbers out this week show 13 million Americans are still looking for work. One local company, Carolina Improv Company (CIC), has a unique way of helping those train for things like job interviews. It doesn't involve your resume at all, but founder Gina Trimarco says the skills you learn afterwards are worth adding to it. "Improv helps the everyday person of every walk of life, of every age you name it."

What is improv?

"Improv (or improvisation) is a technique used for creating comedy and for re-learning life skills such as active listening, spontaneity and flexibility," CIC's website says.

Dozens of industries have tapped into improvisation for training, from CEO's to hoteliers.

The main idea is that thinking on your feet is picked up through classes . Trimarco says some benefits of improv include increased confidence, improved public speaking skills, and improved decision-making skills

"The hardest part for the students, I think, is being ok ay with failing," Trimarco says. " B ecause if you fail, then you are going to learn something and then you're going to succeed."

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