'My child deserves justice:' Lumberton woman wants answers in daughter's death
Lumberton woman wants answers in daughter's death (Credit Hunt family)

Felicia Hunt said the pain she feels is unreal over the death of her daughter, 23-year-old Brittany Hunt.

Hunt died after being shot while driving Monday afternoon in Lumberton.

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When officers arrived they said that they found a silver Chevrolet Malibu had run off of Meadow View Road into a canal at Linkhaw Road.

Hunt, her five-year-old twins and a 20-year-old man were inside the vehicle, according to Capt. Terry Parker with Lumberton Police.

Parker said investigators learned Hunt suffered a gunshot wound before the crash after an unknown suspect began shooting at the car as it traveled along the 3000 block of Meadow View Road.

She reportedly lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the canal due to the shooting.

Hunt said her daughter’s death feels like a bad dream.

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“It hurts. Knowing that my child got took. She got took for no reason. And now my grandkids, they all live without their mom. And I mean she was my oldest. She was my little fussing partner. And now I don’t have nobody to fuss with no more. Because that was my, she really was my little fussing partner. All the time me and her be fussing all the time,” said Hunt.

Lumberton woman wants answers in daughter's death (Credit Hunt family)

Police said the man in the car was hurt in the crash.

His condition isn’t being released.

Hunt said her five-year-old twin grandchildren are ok, but one needed surgery.

She added her daughter loved her twins and two-year-old child with all of her heart.

“Her kids, ah man, they were her world. They were her life. She would’ve gave her life up for those kids. So all three of her babies. And her baby, he is only two. He will never remember his mom. The only way he will know, is what we continue telling him as he grows,” said Hunt.

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Hunt’s cousin Tawanna Hunt said she lived her life for her children.

“When it came to her kids she loved her kids. Like, those were her world. Like no matter what happened," said Kawanna Hunt.

The family said they know someone knows something and are pleading for them to come forward.

“People see what happen and nobody will not come forward. And I just wish somebody will come forward. So my daughter can get justice. So my daughter can end up resting in peace. My child deserves justice and I’m not going to sit not until she get it. If I got to do it every day. Until I get justice for my child, that’s what I’ll do. If I die trying, at least, I know I died trying to get justice for my daughter. And for her kids. And also for her sister and brothers,” said Felicia Hunt.

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