Warmer weather drives more people to the beach

Sunday's heat had some people trading their shopping bags for sandals and swimsuits in Myrtle Beach.

"We woke up, and it was really sunny. It was warm outside and we just decided to go out to the beach instead of shopping," said Irmak Pekayik, visiting from Tennessee.

The beach was busy with sunbathers, runners, and even people swimming looking to take an ocean plunge, including Justin Damask.

Damask flew in Sunday from Wisconsin to visit family for the holidays. The first thing he did when he arrived was go to the beach.

"This is awesome. It beats the negative degree weather we left at home," said Damask. "Back home, I've got to have a hoodie, a winter coat on, a hat, gloves. Wearing shorts is crazy around Christmas time."

Many who were at the beach said it doesn't feel like Christmas.

"The typical image of Christmas is usually snowy," said Pekayik. "It feels more like Spring break to me right now."

However, others disagree.

"They're playing all this Christmas music and all of the holiday decorations over here is kind of remind me of Christmas," said Skye Martichuski.

Ultimately, Christmas is right around the corner and many said they put off their holiday to-do list to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather.