Tropical Storm Andrea is gone, what to do before the next storm

Tropical Storm Andrea is long gone from our area. While the storm didn't cause significant widespread damage, it serves as a reminder of what could be in store for the Pee Dee and Grand Strand over the next few months.

Just days into the start of hurricane season, Tropical Storm Andrea headed our way. The storm made landfall in Florida then eventually made it into our area from the inland side, bringing wind and rain.

Businesses like Full Steam Ahead, who specialize in cleaning up water damage, were prepared to help homeowners after the storm passed.

"We got a few phone calls but it wasn't like anything we expected it was farther inland. There was a lot of wind driven rain and we did get, our roofer got a lot of calls for him to go check on roofs for people," explained Steve Kahn with FSA. "We did get an oceanfront house where there was some wind driven rain. When the winds blowing hard and it's raining from the right direction, certain roofs will leak at certain times."

Kahn said while they weren't bombarded with dozens of calls Friday, now is the time to get your home ready. When a storm approaches, he recommends removing items from your window, remove lawn furniture and debris. Another hazard that may be in your yard are pine trees.

"Some of these pine trees, they'll grow these vines on the sides of them, and it can actually take a regular pine tree and almost make it like a parachute and make it more susceptible to being blown over by the wind," Kahn added.

Having a generator will help if you lose power during a storm but before you buy one. "It's good to have electrician look at your house prior to that, because you can actually have your house pre-wired for a generator, and if you do use a generator, make sure it's grounded. Make sure it's outside the garage," said Kahn.

If another storm comes to our coast and your home is damaged, Kahn suggests using a reputable contractor with workers comp and liability insurance. "If they don't want to produce it then you know there's something weird going on there."

Our area was spared this time around, but that may not be the case the next time so it's best to do all that you can before a storm.

For more information on what to know before, during, and after the storm, head to our Hurricane Central page.