Some Myrtle Beach businesses relish the rain

Some businesses along the Grand Strand are banking on this recent rain.

"We pray for rainy weather, cloudy weather, that helps the tanning industry," said Rhonda Strickland, owner of Golden Sun Tanning & Beauty Studio.

Strickland said her tanning salon sees a 50 percent increase in business on rainy days like Monday.

"Most people do 15 or 20 minutes in the bed, and that, in turn, gives 15 or 20 minutes of relaxation, and yes, they feel like they've been in the sun," Strickland said.

However, there are several other businesses that are busy on rainy days that you may not expect. This includes miniature golf courses, who say sporadic rain showers do not affect the number of people who play each day.

"It's a sort of a wishy-washy day. The showers come and the showers go, and some of them will hide up under the shelters that's on the course, and they'll wait until the showers go and continue playing," Peggy Beaulieu, employee at Jurassic Park Golf Course.

One group on the course Monday evening played in the rain, but for a good reason.

"One of our little buddies in our group was celebrating his birthday and wanted to go putt-putting after dinner. And you can't say no to a birthday wish," said Mark Warnock of Texas.