Shortage of road salt in the Pee Dee ahead of ice storm

SCDOT is getting salt trucks ready in advance of the anticipated ice storm.

Officials with the South Carolina Department of Transporation (SCDOT) say they're in need of more salt to treat the roads in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand

, should icy conditions occur there,

during the anticipated ice storm.

For a full forecast, including what to expect in each part of our area, click here.

Transportation c

rews used 3,300 tons of salt two weeks ago during
a storm, and it nearly wiped them out.

"We're hauling salt to try and repl


nish our stocks for (Tuesday). We used a lot and we're trying to repl


nish those today," said Treasure Scarborough with SCDOT.

Crews will not pre


treat the roads

when they get the salt in because the rain could wash it away.

SCDOT is also inspecting equipment to make sure its in good working order.

"With the salt, the snow and ice equipment, the salt and the calcium chloride it causes you know wires to corrode and things to break. So we just making sure that all that's ready for
(Tuesday)," explained Scarborough.