Shoppers flocking to stores for bread and milk

Bilo Grocery Store in Hartsville/Photo Courtesy: Austin Lee Davis

Stores across the Pee Dee were swamped with shoppers Monday searching for supplies like bread and milk.

Many say those are just some of the essential items that can't do without in the event of a winter storm.

"Buying bread for my grandmother in anticipation of this weather. We don't know what's gonna happen. So, she sent me up here to get her some bread," said Eric Ellis.

"I got some non-perishable stuff. My wife gets off and I know what the grocery store gonna be like when she gets off.I'm trying to help her out," said Eric Warren.

Home supply stores say shovels, salt and generators are selling fast. Store managers say you could be hard pressed to find a generator come Tuesday.

"We do have generators that we've been selling quite a bit of. People who live in remote areas want to keep water running or the stove running," said Wayne Newell, Home Depot.

Some shoppers say they want to be prepared when the storm hits.

"Sitting around you need something eat. Don't have nothing in the house when there's four to five inches of snow on the ground. It's safer to buy now than buy three or four days from now," said Kenneth Kirby.

"A lot of times, they give you the worse scenario. Hopefully, it won't be that bad, but I want to be prepared," said Warren.

Many stores say they have more shipments of supplies coming in, and are hoping the supplies will get in before the weather turns bad.