Rain adds insult to injury on Waccamaw River

The Waccamaw River is still rising, another inch since Friday night, and the rain is only making it worse for some homeowners.

Flood stage at Lee's Landing Circle, just outside Conway along Highway 905, is 11 feet. By Saturday evening, the river was at 13.1 feet.

Rowe Pond Road runs along Mark Athey's property. He's lived along the Waccamaw River, near Lee's Landing, for a dozen years. This, he says, is the worst flooding he's ever experienced.

"You'd start seeing it start to crest the road in spots just like the paved road did, and then you started getting the rapids going across it real fast and then it gets fuller and fuller until it levels out," Athey said.

Six and a half of Athey's seven acre spread is flooded, and it takes a kayak just to get to parts of his property.

Athey says he's not leaving, but some of his neighbors have. Now, they're worried about theft.

Horry County police say they're patrolling the area regularly and in this tight knit community, Athey says neighbors have each other's backs.

"Everybody who lives back here is watching friend's houses. We know who's houses are vacant, and we're all watching each other's houses."

National Weather Service forecasters say the river will continue rising to near 13.2 feet by Monday afternoon then begin falling.