Hurricane Arthur passes the Grand Strand with few signs it was even here

With no direct hit from Arthur Thursday and since we stayed on the weaker side of the storm, our area came out okay.

Even though we're now in the calm after the storm, Arthur did leave its mark in some places.

In North Myrtle Beach, part of Ocean Boulevard was flooded and had to be shut down. Even Thursday night there was still a lot of standing water on the roads.

Just up the road in Cherry Grove, Joe Stanek's car was crushed by a tree.

"We left the house for just ten minutes to go up and check the surf and come on back, and this is what happened. With ten minutes time, the tree nailed my car. What can you do?" Stanek said.

We had no reports of power outages.

There were some flight cancellations at Myrtle Beach International Airport.

Flying in, got a little rough.

"When we got probably about 40 miles out from Myrtle, we started getting a little bit turbulent. You could see we were in the rain. You had rain over the wings and on the windows, and the ocean was rough," traveler Christine Baisch told us.

Still compared to storms we've had in the past, Arthur took it easy on us.

"I think it's light, 'cause (Hurricane) Charlie's gone through before, and this was nothing like Charlie, but this (looks at tree) I was never expecting. Charlie we had 80 mile per hour winds, and this is just minor, 30 to 40 mph wind, but look at the devastation," said Stanek.