Heat Advisory Issued for Sunday

A heat advisory has been issued for Inland Horry and Georgetown counties west into the Pee Dee and Border Belt areas from Noon until 7pm.

Dangerously hot and humid conditions are expected with high temperatures in the low to mid 90s along the Grand Strand away from the beaches and upper 90s Inland. It will actually feel like it is 100° to 106° for several hours through the afternoon.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the heat and strenuous activity if possible. Avoid wearing dark colored clothing, make sure you stay well hydrated, and get cooled off as often as possible if you have to spend a lot of time outside. Keep an eye on the elderly and children. Also make sure that any pets that may be outside have plenty of water and a cool or shady place to get out of the direct heat

, although inside is the best place for them


Stay tuned to your First Warning Weather Team for the latest weather updates.