Damage in Florence reported after storm

Deputies responded to damage from strong storm near Quinby.

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Around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday,

a storm in Florence County destroyed nine homes and damaged another eight in the Rosewood Mobile Home Park, according to Captain Michael Nunn with the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

He says other homes are being evaluated.

The damage is on Old Marion Highway

outside of Quinby.

Capt. Nunn says seven people had to be taken to the hospital


and a 6-year-old child was safely freed from a home after being trapped. The director of EMS says none of the injuries are life threatening, mostly just cuts and bruises.

Deputies say the area is not safe because of downed power lines and debris.

Allen Smith, who lives in the mobile home park, told us, "I saw the cloud, the black cloud. And then I saw the whole house just flip right in front of me. It's fortunate, and I was lucky, the grace of God. I didn't know what to do, I just dropped everything in my hands. And I heard after the whole storm was screaming. Everything was just messed up and destroyed. And I just stepped outside to see if anyone needed help."

All roads leading to the scene are closed at this time.

Emergency management believes damage is consistent with that of tornado.

An employee at the airport reported to WPDE NewsChannel 15 seeing a funnel cloud and debris in the air.