Celebrate Your Day


Celebrating Your Day!

We at Good Morning Carolinas want to celebrate with you...

Celebrate Your Day lists will air on Good Morning Carolinas, Monday through Friday, at approximately 5:55 a.m. The winner will be awarded a cake from Dairy Queen, and their name will appear at the end of the daily list.

Good Morning Carolinas: Weekend will also air your Celebrate Your Day submissions. Look for those around 7:45 a.m.

Thank you so much for your submission and for letting us help you celebrate your day!

Send your wishes to for any occasion. Your wish will appear on Good Morning Carolinas on the date you request. Be sure to include:

  • E-mail
  • Name of person celebrating
  • How old he or she will be if it is a birthday, or the year if it is an anniversary
  • Birthdate if it is a birthday/date of anniversary
  • Location/hometown
  • Event Type

***Please submit your wishes TWO weeks prior to the actual date of the event. Birthdays submitted a day before or the day of will not be counted.***


This Week's Winners

Monday 8/21: Darrell & Johnny Knight, 22, Conway

Tuesday 8/22: Butch & Robyn Boucher, 25th Anniversary, Loris

Wednesday 8/23: Georgia Brooks, 90, North Myrtle Beach

Thursday 8/24: Darlene Huettner, 59, Conway

Friday 8/25: Paula Vereen-Brockington, Myrtle Beach

Saturday 8/26: Elijah Vereen, 3, Spring Lake

Sunday 8/27: Phoebe Rosensteel, 60, Conway

Last Week's Winners

Monday 8/14: Tavis Hemingway, 17, Bucksport

Tuesday 8/15: AnnMarie Donovan, 14, Myrtle Beach

Wednesday 8/16: Joseph Calvin, 72, Myrtle Beach

Thursday 8/17: Susan Miner, 60, Murrells Inlet

Friday 8/18: Jennifer Davis, 29, Galivants Ferry

Saturday 8/19: LoriAnn Richardson, 8, Myrtle Beach

Sunday 8/20: Madison Stiles, 5, Myrtle Beach