Mega Sports Stars at Grande Dunes Golf Tourney

Too Tall Jones celebrates after sinking a long birdie putt at Grand Dunes.

One in six men will get prostate cancer, according to a company called Zero. More than two dozen sports stars played in a golf fund raiser called Zero Prostate Cancer Golf, at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach on Saturday, to help end the deadly disease.

Baseball Hall of Famer Joe Morgan is on the Grand Strand to support the cause, "I think that's the key with prostate cancer, to get tested early, and then you can do something about it. Obviously the ultimate goal is to strike out prostate cancer."

The 69-year old Morgan told WPDE NewsChannel 15 Sports that he believes former Cincinnati Reds teammate Pete Rose, who admitted to betting on baseball, should be in the Hall of Fame, "I think he should have been punished. He did something wrong. But I guess the question is, how long do you punish someone? I just think that he needs to be on the (Hall of Fame) ballot. If the writers do not want to vote him in, or the players do not vote him in on the committees, then that's fine. But I think he needs to have that opportunity."

Pete Rose is the all-time Major League leader in hits with 4,256. He also won three world series rings, three batting titles and one MVP.

Former Heavyweight Boxing Champ Bonecrusher Smith was also in the star-studded field, along with Basketball Hall of Famers Julius Erving, Sam Jones and Lenny Wilkens. NFL Hall of Famers Thurman Thomas and Richard Dent also played in the tournament, along with former Dallas Cowboys great Ed "Too Tall" Jones.