CCU Spring Report: The QB question

Jamie Childers

Coastal Carolina's spring workouts offered no clear cut favorite in the race for quarterback. Aramis Hillary and Jamie Childers will head to summer training camp neck and neck for the starting quarterback position. Besides QB, Childers is also in the mix to play tight end complimenting David Duran.

Aramis Hillary 2010 Highlight Reel

Jamie Childers 2010 Highlight Reel

The Statements

Jamie Childers

"I think we're a better offense when I'm in there. I think that's shown all spring. I've been working with the ones for a while now, and when I'm in there I feel like the offense is running smoothly and we're at our best."

Aramis Hillary

We'll let the coaches deal with that, but hopefully they'll pick out the best one and what's best for the team. We just want to be at the national championship the last game of the season."

Rich Chrampanis offers his analysis

It is important for a quarterback to have confidence, but Childers should have chosen his words a little more carefully. From everything that I've seen, there's no animosity between the two QB's. Jamie is a team guy, despite the words above. He made the move to tight end for the team and is a key to Coastal's success in 2011. Words like that can create friction in a team, but it's better that this happened in the spring rather than the summer.

Childers has to be ready to play both positions and today I think that Coastal would be well served with a two quarterback system. Opponents would have a tough time preparing for CCU with a variety of looks with Hillary and Childers on the field at the same time. Childers future in the pros is at tight end and he's got the physical tools to get an opportunity at the next level. That being said, Childers has to be ready to play quarterback even if Hillary is named the starter.

David Bennett is going to keep things up in the air until the last possible moment. Many things could change over the course of training camp. Would Coastal be comfortable with a two QB system? Can the offense flow with such a key cog interchangable? My guess is that the earliest answer we're going to get is late August.