It's down to Saint James and Myrtle Beach for the WPDE Zone Cup

Saint James can win its first ever WPDE Zone Cup if baseball, golf and girls soccer can gain more points

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The race for the WPDE Zone Cup will come down to the very end as Myrtle Beach holds the lead heading into the final week of spring sports in high school athletics. The Zone Cup awards points to area high schools based on their athletic performance in varsity sports.

Here are the top five heading into the final week

1. Myrtle Beach 360 (maximum points 410)

2. Waccamaw 340 (season complete)

3. Saint James 305 (maximum points 480)

4. Johnsonville 290 (season complete)

5. Aynor 205 (season complete)

5. Dillon 205 (season complete)

Complete WPDE Zone Cup Standings

Complete WPDE Zone Cup Scoring for 2010/11

The race comes down to Myrtle Beach and Saint James. The Seahawks are in the state semifinals in boys soccer and could finish with a total of 410 points if they win a state title in Columbia on Saturday. Saint James is 55 points behind the leader, but have the most points to gain this week. The Sharks are still in contention for three more state championships (girls soccer, boys golf, and baseball). Saint James has 175 more Zone Cup points they can attain giving them a ceiling of 480 points.

Waccamaw has won four out of the last five WPDE Zone Cups, but will not win it in 2011. The Warriors season is complete in all sports. Waccamaw finished as state finalists in boys tennis giving them 75 points. Johnsonville has locked up fourth place thanks to a state championship in girls track over the weekend in Columbia. Lake View could take the fifth spot. The Wild Gators currently stand at 190 points and could gain 50 more points if they win state championships in baseball and softball this week.