Goose Creek appeal denied, Conway officially back in post-season

The South Carolina High School league upheld its decision to disqualify Goose Creek from the Class 4A playoffs. The appeal on Wednesday saw the SCHSL executive committee vote 9-2 to keep the Gators out of the post-season for using an ineligible player. Following the meeting, Goose Creek went back into session looking for a mercy rule, but that was a 10-1 vote to uphold the decision.

As a result, Conway is officially back in the 4A Division II playoffs and will travel to Bluffton this Friday night in a second round game. Conway lost to Goose Creek 48-7 last week and thought their season was over. But on Tuesday, the ruling came down that Goose Creek was out of the post-season for using an ineligible player.

Tuesday: Conway back in the playoffs

"My heart goes out to Goose Creek and to those kids," Conway Chuck Jordan coach said earlier in the day before the appeal. "I've talked with Chuck Reedy (Goose Creek head coach) he's a personal friend of mine. They are certainly going through some things right now that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. Nonetheless, it's just kind of presented itself and we have no recourse but to step through that door."

The Berkeley County School District released this statement after the vote:

"At a closed hearing tonight of the SC High School League, the league administrators determined that the Goose Creek football team did not meet the standards for extraordinary conditions and will play in the playoff game on Friday, November 16 against Bluffton."

Goose Creek was 12-0 and was favored to win its second straight 4A Division II state championship.