Socastee Braves 2013 Preview

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Socastee Braves

2012 Record: 12-1

Offense: 36.76 ppg (6th in Zone Nation)

Defense: 18.76 (10th)

Returning Starters

Offense: 7

Defense: 6

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Rich's Take

I want to start by tipping my cap to Tim Renfrow. Here's a man who saw his football team go 12-1, his son is the star quarterback and could have very easily turned the other way when the Braves needed an athletic director to fill for David Bennett's departure to River Bluff. Instead, coach Renfrow did the selfless thing and stepped down as head football coach to lead the Braves athletic program. He gave up the chance to coach his son for his senior season for the greater good. Doug Illing is walking into an ideal situation. I'm fascinated to see what the Braves will do on offense. You can't abandon the option, but everyone at Media Day is hinting at a new look to the Socastee offense which presumably will be some type of spread attack. We gave so much attention to Renfrow and his Zoneman season in 2012, but there are other playmakers on this team. Delano Walters could be an All-Zoner and I'm looking forward to seeing what Kris Simmons and Stephen Gursky can do on Friday night's.

Worth a Watch

I can't tell you how proud I am that Hunter Renfrow's name is going to be on the Zoneman Trophy forever. Many years, we have a really good idea of who will win the Zoneman Trophy, but 2012 was one of those years where Renfrow came out of nowhere and dazzled. I joked with him about being the anti-Johnny Manziel at our Media Day. Hunter is humble and knows how to handle success. He views the Zoneman as a reflection of the entire Socastee football program. He could play slot receiver in college, play baseball or run the option. I'd love to see him quarterback Wofford or Georgia Tech myself. Click HERE to watch Hunter Renfrow winning the 2012 WPDE Zoneman.

2012 Highlight Reels

Hunter Renfrow

Stephen Gursky

Kyle Smith

Delano Walters

Kris Simmons

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