North Myrtle Beach Chiefs 2013 Preview

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North Myrtle Beach Chiefs

2012 Record: 4-6

Offense: 20.6 ppg (22nd in Zone Nation)

Defense: 23.4 ppg (14th)

Returning Starters

Offense: 9

Defense: 8

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Rich's Take

Before I started my homework on the Chiefs, this what was in my mental notebook: "Finally got some wins, but couldn't compete in the Region." It's true that NMB was 4-1 and then lost their last five ballgames. But then I went back and watched all of their games and had the roster in my hands. I expected to see some Delonzo Williams and Kendrick Furness highlights and they were there, but what surprised me was how many guys who made plays on Friday night's are back this year (you can see the long list of highlight reels below). Williams and Furness got hurt, and that's a big reason for no region wins. If NMB stays healthy, they can not only be a playoff team, but one of those teams that comes out of nowhere and becomes a "surprise" team for 2013. I don't think a lot of people think NMB is capable of 7-8 wins, but this could be the year it comes together for Perry Woolbright and based on what I've seen, it wouldn't shock me at all if they are at the 7-8 win level.

Worth a Watch

We started the Honda Power of Dreams scholarship program last year where we bragged on a male and female athlete from every high school in our area. 80 applicants submitted an essay and their background for a $1000 scholarship. The male winner was former Chiefs football player Jahlen Livingston who is beginning his college football career at Newberry. All you have to do is watch the story to see why Livingston is going to be a success no matter what profession he chooses. We get all worked up about 1,000 yard rushers, major Division I athletes and we will continue to do so, but players like Jahlen Livingston are what every person should strive to be when they put a helmet on Friday nights. Click HERE to watch Jahlen Livingston's Honda Power of Dreams Profile

2012 Highlight Reels

Delonzo Williams

Kendrick Furness

Kyle Cooper

Laquinn Bellamy

Tyrique Robinson

Colby Gore

Cameron Gore

Meet the 2013 Chiefs