Thigpen plays the waiting game

After seven seasons in the NFL, Tyler Thigpen is playing the waiting game. After two years as a backup with the Buffalo Bills, Thigpen has seen the numerous quarterback moves and hopes that he'll get another shot to play on Sundays.

"It's very frustrating, seeing some of the rosters, seeing some of the guys that have jobs that don't have the numbers that I have compared to them," Thigpen said. "But right now the good Lord's got a plan for me and at the end of the day I know that his plans are better than any plans that I have."

Thanks to the NFL salary cap, there's a reason why the veteran hasn't gotten his shot, but that may change soon.

"Being a guy going into his seventh year, he's going to cost a lot more than what a rookie would cost," Thigpen said explaining his current situation. "But if they don't feel the confidence that that guy can come in and perform behind him, that's where I think I'm going to get a job. If I'm on the roster week one, they're going to have to guarantee my salary for the whole year. After talking to Joel (Turner) my agent, thinking about week two or three they're probably going to bring me in because they can keep me week to week then."

The former Coastal Carolina All-American criticized his alma mater after the firing of David Bennett, but is beginning to mend his relationship with the school.

"Just met coach Moglia for the first time and was talking to him and catching up with him and seeing how he's been and congratulating him on the win last week and letting him know I'll be there this week to cheer them on."