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      The Business of Basketball at Big Shots

      They have nearly every college basketball head coach on speed dial, from North Carolina's Roy Williams to Louisville's Rick Pitino. Jeff Schneider and his son Kevin run high school basketball national exposure tournaments across the country, and three recruiting services, for a company called Big Shots.

      This weekend, Big Shots is in the Myrtle Beach area for the largest event of the 70 they conduct each year. More than 200 teams are on the Grand Strand for the four-day tournament.

      Since Big Shots began eight years ago, more than 5,500 athletes who played in the event have received college scholarships. 41 former Big Shots stars are currently in the NBA, including 21 picks in this year's draft.

      ESPN Basketball Analyst Jay Bilas attended the Big Shots Tournament on Saturday to watch his 16-year old son compete. Bilas said, "I'm really watching right now to see who catches your eye and who understands the we part of the game rather than the me part of the game. That's a big thing at this age. The ones who get that are the ones who are farther ahead."