Keane throws TD pass in CCU Spring Game

      Former Myrtle Beach High QB Tyler Keane threw a 50-yard TD pass in the CCU Spring Game.


      CONWAY - The Coastal Carolina University football program concluded the spring practice season with its annual Spring Game at Brooks Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Events of the day also included the Coastal Carolina Letterwinners Associationâ??s Teal Chicken-Pig Pickinâ?? BBQ Festival.

      Reigning two-time national coach of the year finalist Joe Moglia opened the day addressing the crowd to explain the gameâ??s format. In addition, Moglia gave the 556 fans in attendance an introduction to new assistant coaches Bill Durkin and Ryan Goodman, as well as explained the why the players were in teal, white and black jerseys.

      â??When you look at our spring in its entirety, I feel we had a strong spring and we got in a lot of snaps,â?? said Moglia. â??The guys that had good seasons a year focused on one or two things to improve upon. The guys that played, but were not quite ready to compete on the national level, worked hard on their overall development. I felt like we accomplished a lot of our goals and the Spring Game was a culmination of all our work over the course of the previous 14 practices.â??

      Following 20 minutes of warm-ups and individual position drills the team came together to start the scrimmage. The kickoff unit was the first to take the field. Alex Catron sent the ball to the end zone where it was returned out to the 25-yard line by Devin Brown. Alex Ross led the first team offense onto the field against Quinn Backus and the first team defense. Deâ??Angelo Henderson took the first play from scrimmage seven yards. Ross then connected with Bruce Mapp for four yards and a first down. The offense would only gain six more yards on the possession before the defense stood strong and forced a punt.

      Michael Church
      then led the second offensive unit onto the field against the second defense with the ball on the offenseâ??s 10-yard line. The defense forced a quick three and out.

      Following a punt, Ross again took the field to quarterback the first unit offense. The opening two plays of the drive were runs inside the tackles by Henderson that resulted in a first down. Following a three-yard loss, Ross was sacked by Backus for a six-yard loss. Facing the third and long, Ross found Mapp on the sideline for 15 yards, setting up Zach Silverbergâ??s first-down plunge up the middle. After Imir Sanders knocked away a pass on first down, Ross hooked up with Tyrell Blanks to move the chains. A defensive pass interference call on the ensuing play moved the ball to the two-yard line. Silverberg did the rest as he followed his blockers up the middle to find paydirt. The point after attempt was blocked by Leroy Cummings.

      The â??twosâ?? then returned to the field and the defense again asserted itself, forcing a punt after just three plays.

      The â??onesâ?? took the field for the final time after the punt with Ross directing the offense from the 50-yard line. After a false start moved the ball back five yards, Henderson carried for five yards on first down. Another false start again put the offense behind the chains. Ross completed a five-yard pass to Blanks and followed on the next play with an eight-yard completion to John Israel. Silverberg again surged up the middle for the fourth down conversion.

      Church replaced Ross for the remainder of the series, completing three passes for 24 total yards. The drive stalled on the 33-yard line as Tyler Watkins dropped David Gaydosz in the backfield for a four-yard loss on fourth down.

      Tyler Keane, a product of Myrtle Beach High School, made the pass of the day to open the next series, connecting with Chris Jones on a fly route for a 50-yard touchdown. Keane was a 2012 WPDE All-Zone selection.

      The event closed with the â??threesâ?? and â??foursâ?? on the field for a final 12 plays.

      2014 Spring Game Stats


      4 | Alex Ross â?? 6-8, 49 yards, 0 TD

      11 | Michael Church â?? 3-8, 24 yards, 0TD

      13 | Tyler Keane â?? 1-2, 50 yards, 1 TD


      31 | Deâ??Angelo Henderson â?? 5 rushes, 22 yards, 0 TD

      36 | Zach Silverberg â?? 4 rushes, 10 yards, 1 TD

      42 | Jason Dozier â?? 3 rushes, 6 yards, 0 TD

      31 | Constanzo Ellerbe â?? 1 rushes, 5 yards, 0 TD

      40 | Kenneth Daniels â?? 1 rushes, 4 yards, 0 TD

      32 | Osharmar Abercrombie â?? 2 rushes, 3 yards, 0 TD

      33 | David Gaydosz â?? 2 rushes, 2 yards, 0 TD

      13 | Tyler Keane â?? 1 rushes, 0 yards, 0 TD

      80 | Chris Jones â?? 1 receptions, 50 yards, 1 TD

      40 | Lorenzo Dâ??Angelo â?? 1 receptions, 23 yards, 0 TD

      3 | Tyrell Blanks â?? 3 receptions, 22 yards, 0 TD

      18 | Bruce Mapp â?? 2 receptions, 19 yards, 0 TD

      32 | Osharmar Abercrombie â?? 1 receptions, 15 yards, 0 TD

      19 | John Israel â?? 1 receptions, 9 yards, 0 TD

      83 | Trey Gattison â?? 2 receptions, 9 yards, 0 TD

      40 | Kenneth Daniels â?? 1 receptions, 0 yards, 0 TD


      01 | Denzel Rice â?? 1 Tackle

      02 | Dontay Hears â?? 1 Tackle

      03 | Kelvin Deveaux â?? 2 Tackles

      06 | Pernell Williams â?? 1 Tackle

      07 | Imir Sanders â?? 3 Tackles, 1 PBU

      10 | Delton Wells â?? 1 Tackle

      11 | Nicholas Clark â?? 2 Tackles

      16 | C.J. Thompson â?? 1 Tackle

      21 | Datarius Allen â?? 2 Tackles

      27 | Lorenzo Boyles â?? 3 Tackles, Punt Block

      29 | Kamron Summers â?? 1 Tackle

      30 | Quinn Backus â?? 1 Tackle, 1 Sack

      34 | Rayshaud Shields â?? 1 Tackle

      39 | Colton Blackburn â?? 1 Tackle

      48 | Tyler Watkins â?? 2 Tackles, 1 TFL (-5 yds)

      65 | Joe Kaleta â?? 1 Tackle, 1 TFL (-2 yds)

      92 | Clark Krimmer â?? 1 Tackle, 1 PBU, 2 Hurries

      94 | Marcus Crowder â?? 1 Tackle

      95 | Darren Philipps â?? 1 Tackle

      96 | Joe Coscarellli â?? 1 Tackle

      97 | Leroy Cummings â?? PAT Block

      99 | Denzel Offor â?? 1 Tackle, 1 PBU

      Special Teams

      35 | Austin Cain â?? 1 Punt (50 yds)

      46 | Alex Catron â?? 1 Punt (42 yds), 2 Kick Offs (65 yds, 65 yds), Missed PAT

      80 | Chris Jones â?? 1 Kick Return (25 yds)

      86| Jesse June â?? 1 Punt Return (0 yds)

      87 | Storm Baker â?? 2 Punts (50 yds, Blocked)

      89 | Ryan Granger â?? Missed PAT