NFL Draft recap: two WPDE All-Zoners selected, Gamecock is Mr. Irrelevant

West Florence's Malliciah Goodman goes to Falcons in 4th round

Two WPDE All-Zoners were selected in the 2013 NFL Draft. Aynor's TJ Johnson was the fourth to last pick of the seventh round. The Gamecocks center was the #251 overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals. Johnson started all 53 games in his college career for Steve Spurrier, a USC record. Johnson is the 14th WPDE All-Zone selection to hear his name called in the NFL Draft. 2013 marks the seventh consecutive year a WPDE-All Zoner has been drafted in the NFL.

Earlier in the day, West Florence's Malliciah Goodman was a 4th round selection by the Atlanta Falcons. The Clemson defensive end used a three sack performance by LSU in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl to begin his soaring draft stock. He followed that up with solid numbers at the NFL combine. Malliciah had private workouts with Atlanta and Pittsburgh prior to the draft.

Five WPDE All-Zoners got free agent deals: Spencer Benton (Myrtle Beach/Clemson) signed with the Dallas Cowboys, Jonathan "Tig" Willard (Loris/Clemson) signed with the Tennessee Titans, Kwame Geathers (Carvers Bay/Georgia) with the San Diego Chargers, Bruce Taylor (Myrtle Beach/Virginia Tech) with the Cincinnati Bengals, and Jaron Brown (Cheraw/Clemson) with the Arizona Cardinals

WPDE All Zone Draft Picks History

2007 1st round - #15 - Lawrence Timmons (Wilson HS - Pittsburgh Steelers)

2009 1st Round - #18 - Robert Ayers (Marlboro County HS - Denver Broncos)

2007 2nd Round - #48 - Justin Durant (Wilson HS - Jacksonville Jaguars)

2007 3rd Round - #95 - Anthony Waters (Lake View HS - San Diego Chargers)

2004 4th Round - #117 - Robert Geathers, Jr. (Carvers Bay - Cincinnati Bengals)

2007 4th Round - #123 - Fred Bennett (Manning HS - Houston Texans)

2013 4th Round - #127 - Malliciah Goodman (West Florence - Atlanta Falcons)

2007 5th Round - #163 - Brandon Frye (Myrtle Beach HS - Houston Texans)

2009 5th Round - #166 - Michael Hamlin (Lamar HS - Dallas Cowboys)

2010 6th Round - #186 - Clifton Geathers (Carvers Bay - Cleveland Browns)

2011 7th Round - #230 - Cifff Matthews (Cheraw - Atlanta Falcons)

2012 7th Round - #238 - Junior Hemingway (Conway - Kansas City Chiefs)

2008 7th Round - #240 - Allen Patrick (Conway - Baltimore Ravens)

2013 7th Round - #251 - TJ Johnson (Aynor - Cincinnati Bengals)

Undrafted WPDE-All Zoners who played in the NFL (regular season game)

Quinton Teal (Marlboro County) - Panthers/Chargers

Marshall McFadden (Lamar) - Pittsburgh Steelers

Gamecocks/Clemson recap

Central of Pageland's Justice Cunningham was the final pick of the draft, selected by the Indianapolis Colts with the #254 overall pick. The Gamecocks tight end will get a week long Mr. Irrelevant ceremony for being the last pick. Cunningham is the second Gamecock to get the Mr. Irrelevant title. Ryan Succop has put together a solid career as a kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs proving that the last pick can make it in the NFL. Cunningham was the seventh Gamecock selected in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Gamecocks 2013 NFL Draft Picks

2nd - DJ Swearinger, safety (Houston Texans)

4th - Ace Sanders, wide receiver (Jacksonville Jaguars)

4th - Marcus Lattimore, running back (San Francisco 49ers)

4th - Devin Taylor, defensive end (Detroit Lions)

6th - DeVonte Holloman, outside linebacker (Dallas Cowboys)

7th - TJ Johnson, center (Cincinnati Bengals)

7th - Justice Cunningham, tight end (Indianapolis Colts)

Clemson 2013 NFL Draft Picks

1st - DeAndre Hopkins, wide receiver (Houston Texans)

4th - Malliciah Goodman, defensive end (Atlanta Falcons)

5th - Jonathan Meeks, defensive back (Buffalo Bills)

6th - Andre Ellington, running back (Arizona Cardinals)