Locals selected in MLB Amateur Draft

      Tanner English was a 13th round pick by Tampa Bay

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      The 2011 MLB Amateur Draft came to a close on Wednesday afternoon. Here's the final tally:

      11 South Carolina Gamecocks drafted

      8 Clemson Tigers drafted

      5 Coastal Carolina Chanticleers drafted

      * these numbers do not include high school players signed to play college baseball at the above schools

      High School

      *notes - Tanner English was the third South Carolina HS player drafted in the 2011 MLB Draft

      13th round (#420) - Tanner English, Saint James HS - Tampa Bay Rays WPDE feature on Tanner English

      44th round (#1345) - Shon Carson, Lake City HS - Cincinnati Reds

      On Monday, WPDE Sports Mark Haggard talked to both English and Carson before the draft about the decision that they would have to make. Two HS stars must choose: Gamecocks or Pro Ball?

      Coastal Carolina

      * notes - Anthony Meo is the highest CCU player drafted in the Gary Gilmore era, Mike Costanzo was the #65 overall pick by the Phillies in 2005. Kirt Manwaring is the highest ever CCU draft pick at #31 overall (3rd pick of 2nd round like Meo) in 1986. Scott Woodward was a 15th round pick by the Oakland A's in the 2010 draft, but opted to return to CCU for his senior season. He was drafted eight rounds higher following his senior season.

      2nd round (#63) - P Anthony Meo - Arizona Diamondbacks

      7th round (#224) - 3B Scott Woodward - Los Angeles Dodgers

      8th round (#266) - 2B Tommy LaStella - Atlanta Braves

      17th round (#540) - SS Taylor Motter - Tampa Bay Rays

      38th round (#1162) - OF Dan Bowman - Cincinnati Reds

      Woodward is a senior, the other four draftees are juniors. Meo, LaStella and Motter are expected to leave CCU. In addition, Coastal had five incoming recruits who were drafted:

      CCU Signees Drafted

      3rd round (#118) - P - Jordan Cote - New York Yankees

      6th round (#192) - OF - Joe Tuschack - New York Mets

      38th round (#1162) - P - Tyler Poole - Boston Red Sox *Poole is signed to play basketball and baseball at CCU*

      39th round (#1191) - P - Javier Reynoso - Chicago White Sox

      40th round (#1230) - P - Joe Perricone - Tampa Bay Rays

      South Carolina

      Supplemental (#40) - OF Jackie Bradley - Boston Red Sox

      6th round (#84) - P Matt Price - Arizona Diamondbacks

      11th round (#344) - SS Scott Wingo - Los Angeles Dodgers

      21st round (#649) - SS Peter Mooney - Toronto Blue Jays

      22nd round (#663) - P John Taylor - Seattle Mariners

      25th round (#695) - OF Adam Matthews - Baltimore Orioles

      30th round (#907) - P - Bryan Harper - Washington Nationals

      31st round (#938) - P - Michael Roth - Cleveland Indians

      41st round (#1257) - P - Steven Neff - San Francisco Giants

      48th round (#1465) - P - Tyler Webb - Cincinnati Reds

      49th round (#1476) - 3B - Adrian Morales - Kansas City Royals


      2nd round (#62) - SS Brad Miller - Seattle Mariners

      2nd round (#83) - P - Will Lamb - Texas Rangers

      13th round (#400) - 2B John Hinson - Houston Astros

      16th round (#494) - OF Jeff Schaus - Los Angeles Dodgers

      17th round (#518) - P Kevin Brady - Cleveland Indians

      26th round (#786) - P Joseph Moorefield - Kansas City Royals

      45th round (#1360) - OF Chris Epps - Houston Astros

      46th round (#1390) - P Scott Weismann - Chicago Cubs