Dabo vs. Spurrier: Swinney defends Tigers program

Following Thursday practice for the ACC Championship, Dabo Swinney was asked by a reporter about a statement that was attributed to Steve Spurrier. The quote came from two sources. It first came from Gamecocks play-by-play voice Todd Ellis at the end of USC's 34-13 win over Clemson:

Todd Ellis Call at end of USC/Clemson: 107.5 The Game "As Coach Spurrier says, we may not be LSU or Alabama, but we ain't Clemson folks." Todd Ellis at end of game.

That quote then made its way over to GamecockFB's Twitter account:

"We aren't LSU, and we aren't Alabama. But we sure ain't Clemson." - Steve Spurrier (November 27th) was at the Thursday post-practice media gathering and captured Swinney's response. Swinney fires back at Spurrier

Swinney spent the better part of four minutes talking about the Gamecocks and Tigers.

Swinney quotes

"They're not Clemson. They're never going to be Clemson to be honest with you. No three game win streak is going to change that."

"This is a place that's won a national title, 17 conference championships, 2 Division titles, Heck - we've won more bowl games than they've ever been to. That's reality."

"Carolina is in Chapel Hill, USC is in California and THE university in this state always has been always will be Clemson. You can print that, tweet that, whatever."

Shortly after the Swinney quotes made the rounds on the internet, GamecockFB had this response on Twitter:

GamecockFootball Coach Spurrier often points out that our team isn't LSU or Bama, (one of the elites in the country) He didn't make the comment about Clemson

Update: Here's a portion of the transcript of Dabo Swinney's ACC Championship press conference on Friday in Charlotte:

Q. Just your comments on sort of the firestorm that was started last night. Twitter exploded after your comments about South Carolina, and despite the fact that the rivalry game is a week old and you're playing for the ACC Championship, it sent ripples through the state last night.

COACH SWINNEY: I really don't have any comment. You know, it is what it is. You know, I think that '' like I heard today that it supposedly wasn't said, and that's great. It's awful convenient on Thursday. I know this, that if my media put something out that I said and if it was nationally perceived that I said it, I promise you, I would correct it. I would make sure that it was made known that '' especially something that is derogatory that I wouldn't want my name attached to, I would make sure that it was clear, or I'd pick up the phone and I'd call and say, hey, there's something out there that people are saying I said and I didn't say it. That's really all there is to it.

I said that last night. I don't know if he said it or not, but there certainly hasn't been any rebuttal. But that's it on that. We'll talk about the ballgame.