Arrest made in Howard's Rock vandalism

18-year old Micah Rogers of Pisgah Forest, NC has been arrested by Clemson University police in connection with the vandalism to Howard's Rock at Memorial Stadium. Named after former head coach Frank Howard, the rock is on top of the hill at Memorial Stadium and rubbed by players and coaches before running down the hill for good luck prior to every Clemson home game.

Clemson police say that Rogers had a Clemson sticker on the truck that was at the scene of the crime in addition to Clemson memorabilia in his home. He was arrested on Friday morning and released on bond. The glass encasement of Howard's Rock was damaged and a portion of the rock was broken off. The investigation is ongoing to recover the missing piece.

On June 20th, police at Clemson University released security camera videos of a white pick-up truck arriving and leaving Memorial Stadium. The investigators believe that two men that jumped out of the truck have something to do with the vandalism of Howard's Rock located inside the stadium. The truck pulled up to the stadium at 11:20 p.m. on June 2. Ten minutes later, two men jumped back into the vehicle and fled the scene.

Howard's Rock has been atop the east side of Memorial Stadium for the past 47 years.

From Clemson University:

Arrest made in Clemsonâ??s â??Howardâ??s Rockâ?? vandalism case

CLEMSON â?? Clemson University police have arrested Micah Rogers of Pisgah Forest, N.C., in connection with the case of vandalism to Howard's Rock, the iconic fixture Clemson football players rub prior to entering Memorial Stadium.

Rogers, 18, was charged with one felony: malicious injury to animals or personal property valued at more than $2,000, but less than $10,000; and one misdemeanor: trespassing, unlawful entry into enclosed places.

Howard's Rock was vandalized earlier this month. The protective casing was destroyed and a portion of the rock was chipped away.

Capt. Eric Hendricks said the vandalism occurred the night of June 2 and was captured partially by video surveillance cameras. The suspect also was identified by a witness.

The broken portion of the rock has not been recovered yet, and the investigation is ongoing.

Rogers appeared in Clemson University Municipal Court this morning and was released on personal recognizance bond of $5,470.

â??On behalf of the athletic department and the football coaches and players, I want to thank the Clemson University Police Department, the State Law Enforcement Division and the Thirteenth Circuit Solicitorâ??s Office for acting in a swift, thorough manner with regards to the vandalism to Howardâ??s Rock,â?? said Clemson Athletic Director Dan Radakovich. â??We appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in this case.â??