You can own a piece of Myrtle Beach movie history

You have a chance to buy a house that's sort of a Myrtle Beach landmark. At least, millions of movie-goers have seen it.

The home on Burchap Drive where part of the movie Shag was filmed is for sale.

Shag was filmed in Myrtle Beach in 1987 and released in the U.S. two years later.

By coincidence, the realtor whose firm now has the house listed for sale is a Myrtle Beach native who had a walk-on part in the movie.

Michael King, owner of King One Properties had a blink-and-you'll-miss-him non-speaking part.

"I was walking across the street and Bridget Fonda looked up and said, 'Oh my God, that's a sweet potato', as I was walking by," King remembers.

King has fond memories of being in the movie and meeting the film's two biggest stars, Fonda and Phoebe Cates, both of whom he describes as nice and approachable.

As for the house in which much of the movie was filmed, it looks like 1963 never left.

"The home was built in the 50's and it hasn't changed at all actually since it was built," King said.

With its tile countertops and Eisenhower-era fixtures, the home's retro look seems a perfect fit for the movie's theme of teenage fun in 1963 Myrtle Beach.

"It is very important we tell people about the history of the house and it does seem to resonate some feelings. People are very happy to say that this house was in Shag," said real estate agent Michael Eaglin, who shows the home to prospective buyers.

Eaglin admits that the home needs some work, but it also has a few extras that were pretty groovy for its era, like a sliding glass wall and a circular staircase.

Its character is also a selling point for those who treasure the Myrtle Beach of 50 years ago.

"It's just got some really cool features that, other than maybe replacing some windows and some doors, I wouldn't touch it," Eaglin said.

Eaglin says the home is owned by an upstate family that no longer has a need for it.

The selling price for this local piece of movie history is $540,000.