Women's self-defense class packs a punch in Georgetown

The Georgetown County Sheriff's Office hosted a free self-defense class for women on Saturday morning. More than 28 women were trained in a variety of self-defense techniques through a series of discussions, physical tests and demonstrations, which included proper use of mace and tasers to ward off attackers.

After being robbed twice this year, Tracy Jones of Murrells Inlet felt a strong need to attend the class.

"Crime has gone up, and we really need to be able to protect ourselves," Jones said.

Jones said every woman in today's society should know the skills taught during the session.

"We are multi-taskers. We have children. We have shopping bags. We are constantly shuffling. I think that we do need to have these options in our head as an automatic. Automatic as opening the door to the car," Jones said.

Georgetown County Sheriff's Office victim advocate Donna Moeller said the turnout for the self-defense class was so large that she already has a list of women waiting to enroll in the next class.

"I've got a list of 8 people that want me to call them when the next class is coming," Moeller said.

Moeller says the next women's self-defense class will be held in the fall. Check their Facebook page for details:

Georgetown County Sheriff's Office Facebook page