Woman sheds 98 pounds in less than one year

Trainers, and a weight loss surgeon say losing weight rapidly isn't dangerous as long as the person is doing it correctly; meaning losing fat, and not muscle.

ISI Elite Training in Myrtle Beach is where we found Samantha Bower, a mother who lost 98 pounds working out in less than a year.

"After I had my son, I was 311 pounds and I'm currently 214 pounds," said Bower.

Drew Basilicato, trainer at ISI Elite Training, says losing weight and keeping it off can be a challenge, but it is attainable.

Besides keeping goals and staying motivated, fueling your body with the right foods plays a critical role in losing weight.

Morris Washington, Director at Metabolic Bariatric Surgery at Conway Medical Center says losing fat, not muscle is the difference between healthy and unhealthy weight loss.

"As long as you keep your protein up and you're taking adequate amounts of protein, and you're not losing weight because your losing muscle mass, then it's safe to lose weight quickly," said Washington.

Bower says she knows how important protein is, and tries to always have it in her diet.

"I do a lot of protein, and vegetables. So, I'll do a protein shake after I work out, egg whites, chicken," said Bower.

Washington says the average person should have 60 grams of protein a day, keeping in mind one egg is about 7 grams of protein.

Those working out, should have more than 60 grams.