Windsor Green victims remember lost pets at memorial service

On Sunday night, Celebration Presbyterian Church held a memorial service at the Waterford Plantation neighborhood for victims of the Windsor Green condo fire that lost their pets in the fire.

Pastor Tom Dendy said Sunday's turnout for the service was slightly lower than expected due to the rainy weather, but he said the event was much needed in his community.

"People were responding to loss of property and loss of personal items and trying to meet these immediate needs for folks that survived the fire, but we just though this was an unmet need that we could speak to as a congregation," Dendy said.

Victims were able to talk about their pets, share memories and comfort each other during their time of need. Forget-Me-Not seeds were also given to guests to plant in memory of lost pets.

Celebration Presbyterian Church is willing to help anyone who lost a pet but wasn't able to make it out to the memorial service.

Dendy says those who are interested can visit the Church at:

2300 Carolina Forest Boulevard

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

or call (843) 903-0308