Will Atlantic Beach hold a November election?

Atlantic Beach Municipal Election Committee Chairperson Patricia Bellamy said at a committee meeting Wednesday night that only two people have filed with the committee as candidates for the November election.

Councilwomen Carolyn Cole and Windy Price were the two who filed.

Bellamy said only two seats on council are open, so there's no need to actually hold an election. According to South Carolina law, municipalities can cancel an election if candidates are running unopposed and no write-in candidates file.

But there's still a question over which date that election was going to be held.

While most elections in our area are being held on November 5th, according to a public notice filed by the Municipal Election Commission of Atlantic Beach, their election was going to be held on November 12th.

Bellamy said that's not happening, and said even if the town wanted to move the election, there is a process that needs to be followed, and it wasn't done.

"You have to do an ordinance, notify the public, read the first reading, and then seven days later, you have to do the second reading. It hasn't occurred," Bellamy said.

Members of the Municipal Election Commission plan to seek legal advice on this matter tomorrow.