Watch for dangling tree limbs and branches as new storm moves in

With another storm expected to blow through the Grand Strand and Pee Dee Friday, homeowners need to keep a close eye on trees that are barely hugging the ground, as one gust could send them toppling over, possibly causing even more outages.

John McCarthy, with Acadia Tree and Stump Service is busy trying to stay one step ahead of the storm.

He spent Thursday removing debris and cutting down loose limbs.

"Anytime you have rain, it loosens up the soil, and any time you get wind along with it, especially when you already had a storm to loosen things up, it weaken things a little bit. It could be a potential hazard," said McCarthy.

Natalie Williams says her neighbors were nice enough to help her remove some of the debris.

"People where I live have been nice enough to have a ladder and clip some of the hanging branches. I sure hope they got enough of them," said Williams.

McCarthy says be aware of where your trees are located.

"Don't park your cars underneath it (trees), and pay attention to the tops of trees; see if there's any out over your roof," said McCarthy.

If you call a company to remove limbs, make sure they're licensed and insured.

To avoid scammers looking to make a quick buck, ask to see the company's insurance certificate, and not just the insurance policy.