UPDATE: East-west tensions mount in Ukraine as president leaves capital and protesters take control

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) - Ukrainian lawmakers are warning that the country risks being split in two, as a deadly three-month political crisis plays out.

They are holding a special parliament session today and considering whether to impeach President Viktor Yanukovych. The country's western regions want to be closer to the EU, while eastern Ukraine favors closer ties with Russia.

Yanukovych left the capital for the east today after signing a deal aimed at defusing the crisis. An aide says the president has no intention of leaving the country or giving up power.

The trip comes a day after Yanukovych and opposition leaders signed an agreement aimed at resolving Ukraine's bloody political crisis. The agreement calls for early elections and constitutional reform that reduce the president's powers.

Meanwhile, police have abandoned their posts around the capital, and protesters have taken up positions around the presidential office and residence, claiming to be in full control of the city.