Two men rob International students in two home invasions

The Myrtle Beach Police Department needs your help in identifying two men wanted for robbing several international students at gunpoint.

There are two separate home invasions police are looking into right now- both happened on Friday, August 23.

According to police, the first home invasion took place just off of Pridgen Road in Myrtle Beach around 4 a.m Friday morning.

Patricia Zirhut has hosted foreign students for the past four years in the home. This year, she has nine Russian students who were having a birthday party in the home just before the attack.

"Two kids came outside to smoke a cigarette, and while they were smoking a cigarette, someone came from this side here and came on the porch and put a gun to them and started demanding money," Zirhut said.

Surveillance video from Zirhut's home shows a man then held six of the students on the kitchen floor before entering Zirhut's room where she was sleeping.

She said the attacker kicked in her bedroom door, turned on the lights, and then left. She then got down on the floor, locked the door, and ran into her closet to call 9-1-1.

"I was really very scared because I couldn't hear the other people in the house. And that scared me to death because I didn't know where they were, how they were, if they were ok," Zirhut said.

The second home invasion happened at the Court Capri Motel in Myrtle Beach around midnight. This time, police said two males were involved. They knocked on the door of the room where 5 Irish students were living, and robbed them at gunpoint.

"We believe that the subjects are responsible for both incidents and it's our concern that they're specifically targeting our foreign exchange students that are here working and taking advantage of them," William Kitelinger, a detective with the Myrtle Beach Police Department said.

Kitelinger described the two men as follows:

Suspect #1- 20-24 years old, approximately 5'10, between 170 and 180 pounds, and fairly muscular.

Suspect #2- About 25 years old, short, thin, and has long dread locks that touch his shoulders.

There were items found at the crime scenes that have been sent for DNA testing, but it could be a while before those results are returned.

If you know anything about these two people, please contact Myrtle Beach Police Department.