Two groups meet to discuss rules over upcoming motorcycle rallies

On Thursday, the Horry County Public Safety Committee met to discuss rules and regulations for the Harley Davidson Bike Rally 2014.

The rally will run from May 12-18.

Brent Schulz, an Horry County Councilman and Chairman of the Public Safety Committee, said this year's rules will be no different than last year's rules.

"We've gotten a lot of input from the residents and we've gotten a lot of input from the visitors and what we're trying to do is be fair about it but communicate better. That's what this is all about- communication," Schulz said.

He said the Harley Rally went well last year, and there won't need to be much more communication after Thursday night's meeting regarding the event, since nothing is changing.

Rules state no profanity, no events before noon, and no ending later than 11 pm each day. Drinking contests, body shots or anything of that nature are also not allowed. As for stunt shows and dynamo machines, they have to be at least 500 feet away from residential property, and must be approved by the county so that they won't impact traffic.

The town of Atlantic Beach's Bike Fest Committee also met Thursday night.

Town Manager William Booker said the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest will run May 22-26.

In the past, vendors at the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest have asked for lower vendor fees, so the committee decided to give them what they want.

"The retail vendor fee will be $850. The food vendor fee will be $875 on the main street. And then we have a secondary street where there will be lots of activity and the fees in that area are reduced by $100," Booker said.