'Tis the season for wheezing, sneezing and difficulty breathing!

Fall allergy season officially started August 15, and just a little over a month into it, residents along the Grand Strand say the fresh air hasn't been as refreshing for them.

"Oh, I feel it in my breathing, and my sinuses, too," Joseph Fuscella of Murrells Inlet said.

Fuscella is one of 40 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, and doctors say this fall allergy season may be worse than in the past.

Grand Strand Allergy Specialist Dr. Mark Schecker said the wet summer we've had might be to blame.

"Rain is one of the things that will play a big part in it. It does stimulate a lot of growth, so we're going to see a lot of weed population and a lot of weed pollen as a result of it. You're also going to get a lot of mold spores as well," Dr. Schecker said.

Which means allergy sufferers- beware.

"You put all of that together and you make it into like a big soup of allergens that make it difficult for people who suffer from allergies to get through their day," Dr. Schecker said.

People who've recently moved to the South from northern parts of the country may feel it even more than those who've lived here for a while.

"They're just suffering all the time as one season starts to bleed into another," Dr. Schecker said.

If you're trying to breath easier, Dr. Schecker said there are simple things you can do to help yourself.

"Keep their air conditioning and heating systems as a way of filtering that out. The other thing is you should also keep the windows of your car closed because they might not realize they're getting a big exposure when they do that as well," Dr. Schecker said.

He also said over-the-counter medicines will do a good job for those with mild allergies, but for those stronger sufferers, allergy injections may help build up your immunity and eliminate allergies over time.