Students in Horry County could get new school assignments

The Horry County School District's Attendance Area Site Committee met Tuesday evening at the Horry County School District office to discuss ways to handle the growing student population.

One of the ways they're looking into handling the increase in students is through changing school attendance zone lines throughout the county.

"The reason behind it is to take advantage of space that may be available in some schools that's not in others," said Rick Maxey, a representative from Horry County School District.

The focus of Tuesday's meeting was to share new projected zoning maps and to get input from people who live in areas that could be affected by the change.

Information shared at Tuesday night's meeting will be brought before the District-wide Committee, which will make a final decision on the best plan of action.

Maxey said as of right now, there isn't a set timeline for when the new attendance lines would take effect. He says the goal right now is to think long-term.

"This is a long term plan looking at growth over the next 10 years to see that we're making good use of our facilities, and you know, one of the ways to look at it is to consider attendance boundary shifts," Maxey said.

Maxey also said the committee is focusing on making sure each school is at capacity before it considers building new schools.