Students ditch pencils and papers for keyboards

Provost Academy South Carolina held an informational session at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel in Myrtle Beach Thursday evening to talk to students about its alternative to a traditional classroom setting.

Provost Academy is a free, online public charter high school open to any South Carolina student in grades 9-12. Students enrolled in the academy work toward the same high school diploma as they would in a traditional school, but in an online virtual classroom instead.

"It's more flexible with schedules, and you don't have people around you to be distracted," said Jade Creel, a former Carolina Forest High School student who has just registered for Provost Academy.

Provost Academy Outreach Coordinator Tesha Byrne said more and more students like Creel are turning to this non-traditional form of education.

"You can move as fast as you want though classes, as long as you're successful. The other difference is, you know, you can sleep in a little bit in the morning. You know if you're not a great learner at 7 am, which I wouldn't be, then you can sleep in until your brain is fully awake and functioning," Byrne said.

Byrne said it takes passionate students to successfully complete online classes.

"I think students that are successful at online schools are students who are more so self-motivated and wanting to learn and wanting to get that work done, but just wanting to do it in a more comfortable environment," Byrne said.

Provost Academy courses are all taught by state-certified teachers who Byrne said take learning very seriously.

"We went to help students learn, and so it's getting back to that. You don't have to worry about discipline issues anymore. You're just working on getting that student to learn, and you're working with that student on an individual pace," said Byrne.

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