Some of your tax returns hacked questions answered

Governor Nikki Haley speaks at a press conference on hacked tax returns.

Ever since the news that 3.6 million of South Carolina's tax returns were hacked, we've been inundated with questions by email, on Facebook, and on

Here are answers to some of the questions we've seen from several of you over the past few days.

Stefani asked, "I just started with my husband's info, then when I tried to set up the monitoring for me, it won't let me do it."

I actually ran into this same problem this weekend. Here's how you can get around it. Once you sign up at with the activation code SCDOR123 (make sure you use all capital letters, which has been another common question), make sure you hit the "logout" button at the top right hand corner of the screen before trying to create another account. You have until January 31, 2013 to sign up.

Daniel wanted to know, "Will the state be notifying those people who's info was hacked?"

According to the state, the Department of Revenue will notify those taxpayers who's returns were hacked. Right now, the state is still going through the files to determine exactly whose information is in jeopardy.

Traci asked the question we've probably had the most. "And what about our children? We can't see or sign them up. I already tried!"

According to Greg Young, Director, Public Relations, Experian Consumer Services, if a dependent is over 18, he or she should register with If the dependent is younger than 18 (born after 1994), after the adult who claims the child as a dependent signs up through, you will soon get an email that a program called Family Secure is available to you. That will be a different registration process, where you can monitor the identities of any minors. Those emails should go out sometime soon. Family secure will also be free to eligible taxpayers who's information was compromised.

Here's the information Greg emailed to me.


â?¢ Those individuals that already enrolled in ProtectMyID® will get an email alerting them to the availability of Family Secure and how to register their minors who were listed on tax paperwork as dependents.

â?¢ Those that have not registered yet with the ProtectMyID product will be sent an email with Family Secure registration directions upon completing the ProtectMyID registration.


â?¢ Individuals must sign up for ProtectMyID first. Once they are registered, notification and a registration code (different from the one used for ProtectMyID) will be sent to them, with directions what to do to register with Family Secure. If they do not have minors listed as dependents, then they can ignore the notice. As with ProtectMyID, the Family Secure registration process may be completed via the phone with a live representative. For the Family Secure product, an email address is required.

â?¢ Parents register their children as part of Family Secure.

â?¢ The primary benefit that Family Secure brings to bear in this situation is that it monitors the identity (primarily the SSN) of the minor who has no credit report - thus no alerts. Once registered, in the event a child does have a credit file, if any credit, loan or similar account is opened with that information, the parents are alerted to call customer care. (Detail of the alert on minors is not released unless or until the Parent authenticates themselves with customer care as the parent or guardian of the minor.)

Family Secure features:


â?¢ One adult

â?¢ Any amount of minors (5 are allowed to enroll on the website; for more than 5, the customer must call Customer Care)

Key Benefits the adult receives:

â?¢ $2 million product Guarantee covers the whole family

â?¢ Score Tracker

â?¢ Fraud Resolution

Benefits the minors receive:

â?¢ Monthly monitoring for existence of minor's credit report

â?¢ If a credit report is found, then we monitor for any changes to that report


Other common questions include those who don't have a computer and members of the military.

On Monday in her press conference, Governor Nikki Haley said if you don't have a computer, call the number 1-866-578-5422. They will sign you up for the service.

She also said for those in the military, the state is working with the Department of Defense to make sure military members are notified.

We here at NewsChannel 15 are still working to get questions about all of this answered.

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