Small Business Saturday excites local shoppers

Though shopping preferences vary, one thing for certain is spending the green paper at small businesses helps the economy.

"It plays an important impact on the economy because we are the ones that usually generate the business in small towns," said Sharon Holbrook, co-owner of Little Treasures in Conway.

"With about 60 to 80 percent of all new jobs created by small businesses, it is important to support the businesses that make our community great," said Congressman Tom Rice, (R) South Carolina.

"Downtown is thriving because people are beginning to see that they can shop here and get what they need," said Holbrook.

Kathy Duncan who lives in Conway says small businesses are great, and that she rarely shops anywhere else.

"I feel like my money goes further here than it does there," said Duncan.

Another perk for Duncan is that she feels more connected to the employees and the stores are less chaotic which she feels sets them apart.

"Help keep our town open, help them to prosper. Help keep them apart of this community as well," said Duncan.

In honor of Small Business Saturday, Little Treasures in downtown Conway will be offering dollar blouses and athletic wear.