Score a Super Bowl snack touchdown with fewer calories

Super Bowl weekend is here, when football fans all over the country engage in their favorite activity: eating.

Can you cut down on your calories for Super Bowl Sunday and still have good time? One Grand Strand dietician says yes, you can.

No doubt, Buffalo wings will be a popular item for this year's Super Bowl parties. The problem is, each wing can be 50 calories or more.

A registered dietician at Conway Medical Center says buffalo wings are usually deep fried and dipped in heavy sauce, so she suggests a healthier version.

"You can still have chicken wings but maybe marinated with some sort of sauce like a lemon pepper sauce and baked in the oven rather than deep fried. That's a better choice," said Larissa Gedney.

Next on the Super Bowl menu is pizza. Just one slice of thick crust pepperoni pizza can be 301 calories. Gedney says you can do better.

"If you choose a thin crust pizza that's either cheese or with veggie toppings rather than loaded with sausage or a lot of the meats, that can be a healthier choice as well."

How about a nice big mound of nachos for the game? Keep in mind that just seven nacho chips in cheese and jalapeno pepper sauce can be 608 calories.

What's better? Gedney says use low-fat salsa dip instead of cheese and baked chips instead of fried.

Before you indulge in all that heavy fatty stuff, Horry Georgetown Technical College executive chef Tom Mullally suggests, try a salad first.

"You take diced tomatoes, diced cucumbers, chopped fresh dill and lace that with a little balsamic vinaigrette and that can be the start of your Super Bowl Sunday."

Here's something to think about before you reach for that next chicken wing: Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving day in calorie consumption.